F.A.Q - Auto AbsolueWhat will be my interest rate?

A : Too many factors can influence the interest rate: your finances, your credit
rating, the amount to loan, etc. However, we are working to get a positive
credit answer and a favorable interest rate depending on your record.

Should I inform the credit agent of my current and past credit situation?

A : Yes, because knowing your current and past credit situation, we will be able to
qualify in advance and submit the form at the financial institution that will best meet
your criteria.

I do not work or I have not declared incomes, can I get a loan?

A : Yes, we also deal with an alternative funding institution whose the only prior is a
minimal cash advance.
A : If you complete your application immediately, you will receive your answer within
10 minutes.

To who will be forwarded the information of my credit application online?

A : The information contained in your credit application will be consulted by one of our
agents and information will be used to submit a credit application to one of our official
creditors. All the information received is strictly confidential and will be kept according to
standards governed by the law of confidentiality and the law of consumer protection.

Is the information provided remains confidential and secure?

A : Yes. We follow the highest standards of security and confidentiality to protect your personal information. In addition, our online credit application
is completely protected

Do I need a cashdown to get funding?

A : No. In most cases, no cash is required. Our approach provides funding without cash for more than 85% of our credit applications, which is one of
the best percentages in the industry!

If my credit situation improves, is the rate can be adjusted downward?

A : Yes, absolutely! And this is one of the important elements of our credit recovery approach, because our goal is to allow you to access to the best
possible rate. Generally, you may qualify for a credit rate improved from 12 months after your purchase.

Is there a fee to process the credit application?

A : No. This is absolutely free.

Do I have to come in person?

A : No. You can complete the credit application through our secure credit form online or simply by phone. You can even make the selection of your
new vehicle from the comfort of your home.

Can I get funding even if a financial institution was obliged to take my vehicle for non-payment?

A : Yes, through exclusive agreements with certain of our financial institutions

I am currently an undischarged bankrupt or consumer proposal. Would you be in a position to get me a funding?

A : Yes. Recently, we can get you a loan even if you are bankrupt and that it is unpaid.

I am currently getting help from a bankruptcy trustee to pay off my creditors. Can I still be able to purchase a vehicle?

A : Yes. Some of our financial institutions are willing to give you a second chance and give you a new loan to purchase a vehicle.

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